24/7 Branded Virtual Booths

For Today's Changed Event World

Connected Culture’s Web/Mobile Platform Provides Sponsors 1-1 Contact with Attendees

Connected Culture’s Branded Virtual Booths (BVBs) provide event planners with a turnkey, wide-reaching web-based and mobile-friendly platform to showcase sponsors and their products, services and contact info, while providing one-to-one contact with attendees.

Turnkey System Gets Rid Of Hosting Woes For CME, CLE, CPE Planners

Gone are the woes of trying to host events in the current environment. Connected Culture white-glove service manages every aspect of your virtual event from start to finish: just arrange sponsors.

24/7 Branded Virtual Booths offer many ways to instantly generate productive leads and connect with conference attendees fast and efficiently, including:

  • Live Video Chat
  • Text Chat
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Contact/Inquiry Forms
  • SMS text message notifications of new leads
  • Click to call
  • Email addresses and link to your website
  • WhatsApp Messaging
  • Facebook Messenger

Sponsors Get High Visibility Before, During, After Events

BVBs provide a sponsor level for every budget, from $1,000 and up, giving them visibility before, during and after the conference.

  • Before the event, every email blast will link to the exhibit booths from the sponsor’s logo, enabling them to generate a lead before the event starts. The earlier the sponsor signs up, the more value they get.
  • During the event there are scheduled breaks which encourage attendees to visit the sponsor booths, schedule a demo for a later time and participate in live chats and other interactions.
  • After the event, BVBs continue to let visitors tour, giving sponsors even more visibility than the traditional physical booth. The booth is closed after all thank you communications or surveys have gone out and the event is officially over

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