Whisper Woods of Smithtown

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After rescuing a Native American chief’s kidnapped daughter, Richard Smith was told that the chief would grant title to all of the land Smith could encircle in one day “on a bull.”

Smith chose to ride the bull on the longest day of the year (the Summer Solstice), to enable him to ride longer “in one day.” The name of the Bull he rode was Whisper, and the land he acquired in this way is said to approximate the current town’s location known as Smithtown. As a nod to this wonderful history, we are proud to introduce you to Whisper Woods of Smithtown.

Whisper Woods is proud to bring senior living experiences to the neighborhood. Enjoy the company of good friends, take in the beautiful surroundings, pursue your passions, and explore opportunities to inspire you and further enrich your life.

At Whisper Woods, we want to get to know you, understand what matters to you, assist you if needed and connect you to the things that give your life joy, wellness, meaning and purpose.

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