About Ceribell

Ceribell Rapid Response EEG – critical and emergency care EEG for seizure triage in minutes

Ceribell is focused on making EEG widely accessible, more efficient, and more cost-effective to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients at risk for seizure.

Ceribell created and validated an FDA cleared EEG system that does not require an EEG tech for a long setup or waiting for a specialist to interpret the initial results. With our Clarity product Ceribell offers 24/7 continuous bedside EEG monitoring and alert. Real-time monitoring enables rapid and precise treatment for patients with seizures, leading to better clinical outcomes and significant savings.

Products and Services

The Ceribell Rapid Response EEG system is the first FDA cleared EEG that does not require a specialized technician to set-up and can be used by any clinician to triage seizure in minutes. The device provides clinical quality recordings that are equivalent to traditional EEG. It consists of a simple headband, pocket-sized recorder with intuitive software, and an on-line portal for remote viewing.

  • Bedside clinicians can set-up the system in just 5-minutes
  • With the EEG seizure triage software, clinicians with no prior background in EEG can triage seizure with remarkable accuracy
    • The Brain Stethoscope feature allows high sensitivity for spot checking seizure
    • Clarity provides high performance for 24/7 EEG monitoring and an instantaneous bedside alert for EEG characteristics consistent with status epilepticus
  • Physicians can review the EEG data in real-time simply by logging onto the Portal from any device with an internet connection

With early access to clinical quality EEG results, treatment can be quickly optimized for critical and emergent care patients at risk of seizure.


Email: chris@ceribell.com or EEG@ceribell.com