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For over 50 years, Edwards Lifesciences, the global leader in hemodynamic monitoring, has been helping you make proactive clinical decisions to advance patient care. Driven by a passion to help patients, we partner with clinicians to develop innovative technologies that enable proactive decision support.

Acumen IQ Cuff Technology

Acumen IQ cuff unlocks Acumen HPI software and provides continuous blood pressure and advanced hemodynamic parameters from a noninvasive finger cuff.

Continuous data offered by the Acumen IQ cuff enables you to proactively optimize perfusion through hemodynamic management and provides more accurate systolic, diastolic and MAP values than a brachial cuff.

Gives you noninvasive access to automatically calculate beat-to-beat hemodynamic information for a broad patient population, including patients in who an arterial line would not be typically placed.

The easy to use self-coiling mechanism within the interior of the cuff wraps snugly around the patient’s finger and offers improved cuff placement, consistent snugness, and usability.



Nick Briody
Territory Manager – Long Island/NYC
Edwards Lifesciences – Critical Care Division
Cell: 516-238-2683 | Customer Service 800-424-3278

Kevin J Murphy
Senior Area Sales Manager – NYC
Edwards Lifesciences – Critical Care Division
Phone: 516-425-2952


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