Premier Home Health Care Services Inc.

Premier Home Health Care Services Inc. was founded in 1992 in response to expanding the community need for home health and facility based healthcare personnel. As a homecare leader, we have set the clinical standard for today’s fastest-growing segment of healthcare by redefining industry quality standards through our delivery models, innovative tools, extensive staff training and education, and by utilizing the latest advancements in technology.

Premier’s Commitment to Excellence in care is reflected in every aspect of service we provide to individuals, families, and health care organizations. With 29 branches in 7 states (NY, NJ, MA, CT, NC, FL and IL) we are a company on the move, driving some of the most exciting new opportunities in home care.”

Through the use of advanced training and real-time data technology in the home, Premier has redefined the way we provide home care for our members, becoming the front line of population health management.

  • Key components of this comprehensive service delivery model:
    • Home Health Aides are the “Eyes and Ears in the Home”
    • Incorporating technology to maximize the “value contribution” of the Aide in the home
    • Obtaining and analyzing data from the home for outcome management
    • Data driven clinical & care management interventions, building industry best practices

Premier continues to put the patient’s health and wellness first. We stand behind our highly trained workforce and our proven service delivery model that demonstrates the value of home care.

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