Gold Anchor

A Great Fiducial Marker That Helps Improve Radiotherapy

Naslund Medical AB is a privately held medical products company focused on the improved management and care of patients receiving radiation therapy. As the pioneer and leader in developing new technology for fiducial markers, Naslund Medical AB markets Gold Anchor worldwide. Gold Anchor enables quicker and more effective radiation therapy treatment with increased patient safety. Naslund Medical AB is based in Sweden with subsidiaries in the U.S. and France and with contracted distributors on a global level.

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Gold Anchor

Gold Anchor MR+ is a fiducial marker with proven clinical benefits: our industry leading thin needles enable safe implantation in almost any inner organ; the unique folding marker design allows shortened lead time between implantation and CT/MRI; the markers can be tracked for intrafraction motion management; and the patented marker material (1.5% pure iron in an alloy with gold) provides enhanced MRI visibility especially on T2-weighted images.

Gold Anchor Introducer

Placement of Gold Anchor through endoscope in pancreas, central lung, esophagus, and rectal tumors is possible by using Gold Anchor Introducer. Gold Anchor Introducer is delivered pre-loaded with the Gold Anchor MR+ (1.5% Fe) marker inside. It comes in a blister single pack, sterilized, ready for use, with the marker length clearly indicated on the package. The Introducer is used to transfer the marker over into a 22G endoscopic ultrasound aspiration needle (“EUS Needle”). When pushed out of the EUS Needle during implantation, the marker will collapse and fold to different shapes, anchoring immediately in the tissue. The marker can be visualized under ultrasound, magnetic resonance (MRI), computed tomography (CT), fluoroscopy or 2D X-rays at the planning stage and daily during radiotherapy.


Ordering Gold Anchor is really simple. The Gold Anchor needle is delivered pre-loaded with the Gold Anchor marker inside. It comes in a blister single pack, sterilized, ready for use. Products are packed and sold in boxes of 10 units per product code. The Gold Anchor Transfer Device is called GATD-10 (Introducer with 0.28×10 mm marker) or GATD-20 (Introducer with 0.28×20 mm marker). GATD also comes in a box of 10 units per product code. For any questions related to choice of product code send an email to


Call: (631) 401-8005


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