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Three interchangeable needles — the FNA, FNB, and FNF — allow for predictable biliary access, fine needle aspiration, fine needle biopsy, fiducial placement and improved procedural workflow in one procedure. 1-8

  • The six distal cutting edges of the SharkCore™ FNB needle are specifically designed to obtain cohesive units of tissue with intact cell architecture.9-11
  • The Beacon™ FNA needle, an interchangeable component of the Beacon™ EUS delivery system, is designed to improve tissue yield.1,12-13
  • The Beacon™  FNF  needle, pre-loaded with two solid gold markers, helps simplify the procedure, and reduces overall procedure time.14

FNB Needle

FNA Exchange System

FNF Needle


The Emprint™ SX ablation platform with Thermosphere™ technology is a cutting-edge, integrated surgical navigation and ablation platform that reduces procedural complexity and improves the targeting accuracy of soft tissue ablation.

  • Navigation software improves successful antenna placement versus standard ultrasound guidance upon first attempt.
  • Advanced 3-D tracking shows the position of the Emprint™ SX ablation antenna and ultrasound transducer relative to the surgeon’s perspective in real-time.
  • Projected antenna path allows trajectory planning prior to antenna placement.
  • 3-D visualization of the predicted ablation zone helps ensure complete coverage of the target.
  • Thermosphere™ technology creates predictable spherical ablation zones.
  • Intuitive interface with a step-by-step guided setup and context-sensitive troubleshooting, makes the system easy to use.

Emprint Ablation Platform

Emprint™ SX Ablation Platform with Thermosphere™ Technology


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