Session I: Hepatology, MD – Moderated by David Bernstein

Alcohol associated liver disease and treatment – Nitzan Roth, MD

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Update on liver transplantation – Sanjaya Satapathy, MD

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Session II: Inflammatory bowel disease – Moderated by Arun Swaminath, MD

Malignancy and IBD: update on the evidence – Keith Sultan, MD

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Positioning of IBD therapies: What comes next? – David Rubin, MD

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Guide to de-escalation of immune and biologic therapies for IBD – Aline Charabaty, MD

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Session III: Advanced Endoscopy – Moderated by Juan Carlos Bucobo, MD

Overview and update on the role of POEMS – Petros Benias, MD

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Endoscopic therapy for Barrett’s esophagus – Arvind Trindade, MD

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Pancreatic cyst evaluation and management – Kara Raphael, MD

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Diversity, equity and inclusion in gastroenterology – Amrita Sethi, MD

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Session IV: General GI/IBS – Moderated by Bethany Devito, MD

Updated colon cancer screening and surveillance guidelines – Joseph Anderson, MD

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Colombo, M, Pelusi, S.Towards Precision Medicine in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease with PNPLA3 as a Therapeutic Target  Published: August 07, 2019DOI:

Clostridium difficle: Updates on diagnosis and management – Calley Levine, MD

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Session V: Motility – Moderated by Mary Cheung, MD

Achalasia: evaluation and management update – Christopher Vélez, MD

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Chronic constipation: advanced diagnostics and therapeutics – Sara Cerrone, MD

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Main Session – Advanced Endoscopy “Cool” Cases

Sumant Inamdar, MD, Peter Stein, MD, Calvin Lee, MD, Larry Miller, MD

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Session I: Health care maintenance in IBD – Sheelamma Thomas, NP

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Session III: Clinical updates in the management of Liver Disease – Maly Tiev, NP

Redman, J., Sterling, R.K. Non-invasive Assessment of Liver Fibrosis. Curr Treat Options Gastro 18, 255–269 (2020).

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First published: 05 February 2018