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About STERIS Endoscopy

STERIS is a leading global provider of products and services that support patient care with an emphasis on infection prevention. WE HELP OUR CUSTOMERS CREATE A HEALTHIER AND SAFER WORLD by providing innovative healthcare, life sciences and dental products and services. At STERIS Endoscopy, we serve this mission by providing our Customers innovative products to better diagnose, prevent, and treat disease of the gastrointestinal tract and airway.

Our team is excited to showcase our latest therapeutic endoscopy devices and technologies designed to improve patient care including, the truFreeze® system – the only cryotherapy ablation technology indicated to treat benign and malignant tissue, the over-the-scope Padlock Clip® system and Assurance® clip – offering complete coverage from polypectomy defect closures to recurrent bleeds, the Roth Net® retriever – 360 featuring 360 degree, controlled rotation, the SmartBand® multi-band ligation system used for banding esophageal varices and a growing portfolio of polypectomy devices optimized for the safe and complete removal of colorectal lesions such as the clinically proven Exacto® cold snare.

Products & Services

Rapid AV™ catheter:The Rapid AV catheter was designed for the delivery of spray cryotherapy treatment for Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal cancer – utilizing an active venting method.

  • Specially designed to deliver cold LN2 at -196°C to cause a fast freeze and allow for a slow thaw of the tissue.
  • Treats benign and malignant lesions – truFreeze® spray cryotherapy system is the only device cleared to ablate Barrett’s esophagus with high grade dysplasia and/or low grade dysplasia and malignancies.

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Padlock Clip® defect closure system:

The over-the-scope Padlock Clip defect closure system is effective in “difficult” scenarios1 – 6 prongs gather, lift, and approximate tissue offering full circumferential closure.

  • One clip design for applications including hemostasis and closure of polyp resection sites <1.5cm and GI tract luminal perforations <20mm.

Provides an open and free instrument channel for unhindered endoscope suction and allows for “push of the thumb” deployment.

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Assurance® clip:

The Assurance clip is designed for endoscopic clip placement within the gastrointestinal tract for the purpose of hemostasis, defect closure, endoscopic marking and anchoring.

  • Available in 4 sizes – all offering 12.5mm deployed length, allowing for visualization and maneuverability when deploying additional clips.
  • Offers 1:1 360° rotation and single-step deployment

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Exacto® cold snare:

As a dedicated cold snare, the Exacto cold snare is clinically proven to achieve a significantly higher rate of complete resection when using the cold snare polypectomy technique.2,3 The unique design offers control and placement for a precise, clean cut when compared to traditional braided snares.

  • Clinically proven for safe and efficient cold resection of diminutive and large polyps (>1cm)
  • Thin, braided wire provides stiffness and flexibility to support complete resection rates (>95% in large polyps)

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Roth Net® retriever – 360:

The Roth Net retriever – 360 offers best-in-class features to aid in foreign body retrieval.

  • Offers 360 degree, one-to-one rotation for controlled net placement and alignment even in retroflexed or torturous positions
  • Reinforced net weave offers durability, strength and visibility throughout the procedure

New spade shaped snare form that opens to full capacity even after multiple passes

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SmartBand® multi-band ligation system:

The SmartBand multi-band ligation system is used for banding esophageal varices at or above the gastroesophageal junction and to ligate internal hemorrhoids.

  • Consists of a ligating handle with a universal connector, loading device, flush tube, Pentax adaptor, and barrel with six bands
  • Features a universal connector that connects the handle to the endoscope and is compatible with multiple endoscope styles
  • Offers 10FR inner diameter handle stem that enables maximum suction capabilities

Available with bands that are made with natural latex and bands that are not made with natural rubber latex, both offering a 24-month shelf life

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Contact: Frank Shea, STERIS Endoscopy – Product Specialist

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